Monday, April 06, 2009

At This Point in the Semester, It Hardly Matters

Student was present in class on Friday, March 27, Monday, March 30 and Wednesday, April 1.

Student emails me (and another one of his instructors) that he was absent on April 3 and April 6 due to a dead grandparent. Student includes a link to an obituary, making a snarky comment about how some teachers require an obituary.

According to the obituary, the grandparent died on Friday, March 27 and was buried on Tuesday, March 31.

On Friday, March 27, Stu's Facebook status was set to: "Weekend. Work. Beer. And not getting arrested."

Fortunately, I don't really care why Stu missed class. Stu's grade reflects Stu's mastery of the course material. At this point in the semester, the only times I use my attendance records is when I have to fill out an official form or when a frequent absentee contacts me after the semester is over begging for a higher grade.