Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Data Channels

My mom just emailed me to let me know that someone I have known since I was 4 is now working for Google in Seattle making a kajillion dollars a year and just bought a five-bedroom house, and his wife is having a baby at the end of the summer.

Thanks, Mom. He's one of my Facebook friends, so I kind of knew all that already.

Or maybe what Mom's email was really saying was, "You need to provide me with more material to work with when I meet people at the grocery store. It impresses no one that you are paid $5250 a course to teach unprepared college freshmen sixth-grade math. And what's this I hear that you're planning on working 75% time in the fall to spend less time working and more time doing things that interest you? When are you going to grow up and get a real job? Don't you know that no one will take you seriously when you have oddly-colored hair and share your profile picture with a puppet?"

I think I may email her back about one of my other hometown friends (one who got an 800 on the Math SAT!) who is one of my Twitter friends. These days he's working at a video store that has a substantial side-business in porn. He mostly tweets about disc golf, baseball, beer, movies (of all sorts), and the entertainment industry (of all sorts). Maybe my mom can arrange to run into his mother at the grocery store.