Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The End is Near (and There is a Calculus Exam Tomorrow)

  1. Student shows up in my office this morning with no book, no notebook, no backpack, no pencil, no nothing, and tells me that he can do everything except for word problems and could I please show him how to do word problems. He also gave me some unsolicited teaching advice saying that we do too many word problems in class.

  2. I have a script that takes my grade spreadsheet as a CSV file and then turns it into LaTeX source of grade reports that tell my students what scores I have recorded for them, what their current average is, and what they need to get on the exam (tomorrow) and the final to get an A, a B, etc. (Yes, I am a super-nerd.) After receiving this report, a student who has received test grades of D, D, and C (and who has missed two quizzes and has failed 6 of the 8 quizzes taken) emails me in a panic. Up until this point student didn't realize that ze had a D average. Is there anything that I can do about it?

  3. Another student emails me. Stu's tutor has been showing Stu the wrong way to do integration, and am I available after 5pm today to show Stu how to integrate?

  4. Student in my other class emails me (the class that had its exam on Monday). Stu had been absent more often than not for the past few weeks and hadn't realized that we were having an exam (note: I put the pdf of the class notes on Blackboard -- including all announcements). Can Stu have some sort of do-over?