Monday, April 27, 2009

I Have Fallen Madly in Love with a Database

On Saturday, I bought myself a copy of FileMaker Bento 2. Since then I have been madly organizing and cross-referencing everythnig in my life.

Saturday I tracked down every bit of data that I want to organize. Sunday I sat at the bad bakery cleaning up Excel files so that I could import them into Bento. I stayed up two hours past my bedtime, and got up at 6am to continue adding records and tables and such to my database. If I didn't need to meet with students today, I would still be working on my database.

Sadly, Bento is not full-featured enough to replace my Excel-backed gradebook. But everything else in life seems to be databaseable. If Bento can organize my Keynote slides, I will be in heaven.

I have not -- yet -- taken things to the extreme of Alicia Silverstone's character in Clueless who uses her computer to pick out her outfits. It could happen. Soon. Or, at the very least a shoe database. Ideally one I could export to my phone so that when I'm at the store I can remember whether I need to buy brown sandals or black sandals.