Wednesday, April 15, 2009

More Photos from the Day

Look what someone left tucked under the windshield wiper of my car! How clever! Not. (The money-saving flourescent lights make my hair look bluer than it is -- in normal light it's much more purple with a hint of magenta.)

The TV is broken AGAIN. It was broken, and they replaced a board (for $300+), and it was fixed for almost a month. Then it broke again (same problem), and they replaced the same board again, and it stayed fixed for a while. Now it's broken again. Same problem. Clearly it is eating boards for a reason. Maybe it wants me to get a 1080p projector that hangs from the ceiling and a motorized screen that covers the entire front wall of my livingroom (and comes down in front of the windows, blocking the sunlight that fucks with the Wii). With wires that run through the wall and a nice-looking panel on the wall where I can plug in things like a DVD player or the Wii or whatever. There must be a way that I can have this be a business expense for 2009.