Thursday, April 16, 2009

Quick Updates

  1. A calculus student emailed me asking what his grade is on the exam that he and 200+ of his classmates took yesterday. Did you see a Scantron sheet? No? All long-answer questions? Yeah, that means that it won't be graded quite yet.

  2. Stared at the diagrams and outline of what the CS program should be doing. Filled another sheet of paper with a hybrid diagram-description of what the program should be doing. Wrote about seven lines of code. The whole thing seems to be pretty much working now. Now I need to write test cases, clean up memory, and make it pretty.

  3. Just got an email from someone saying that he's on my staff for this summer and wondering how he should get ready. I never saw an application from him, and I don't know what the Home Office has hired him to do. You can issue me a 1099 if it makes you feel better, but when I am completely out of the loop about who is on my staff (and have only minimal involvement in hiring), and I need to do the work as assigned by your office, on your timeline, at your location, using your office supplies, and following your specific directions, I feel much more like an employee. Especially since the person who did this same exact work last year was an employee.