Saturday, April 04, 2009

They Paved Paradise and Put in a Parking Lot

Before working on the computer science I spent nearly three hours at the outlet mall. Then I went to my office and turned one working program into three programs that don't work (and that I'm supposed to make work and join together with fork and exec and such to function just like the one working program that I previously had). Became frustrated with working on my computer science assignments. (The class motto seems to be RTFM.) So I went for a walk. It's supposed to rain tomorrow and the weather is supposed to turn icky, so tomorrow seems like a much better day to spend fighting with the computer.

Haven't gotten around to taking any photos yet of my purchases. Also missed the opportunity to photograph the " 'Welcome' Welcome Center" that I drove by in the town of Tourist Trap nor the sign explaining why there are so many signs in Tourist Trap. Did see the following sign on my walk, though.