Monday, May 11, 2009

Back in the Office

I didn't go to my office on Friday. I was avoiding the crowds of commencement exercises. We had as a speaker a noted philanthropist who manages a large endowment. Unlike the smaller campuses I've worked out which have required faculty to show up to put on a great show, commencement here is a bit more selective. I could work here forever and never need to go.

And then I took the entire weekend off. Well, that's not entirely true. I kept up on bits of work here and there, but I didn't go in to the office.

I have also taken my favor-asking to new depths. Now even non-famous people are receiving my pleas. I emailed a friend who works at Lincoln Labs to see if his roommates' friends could help me. I also emailed an undergrad to arrange something for me. What am I going to do when all of my minions from East Campus graduate and I am forced to carry out plans by wholly conventional means? I doubt that Random could be as much help.

Three whole days without going in to my office! I might get used to this whole "summers off" thing. Oh, wait, I've filled up my summer with research or other work every year since 1989.

And now I must get back to revising a manuscript. Maybe I'll shake things up and go work on it at the cafe.