Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Fortunately, My SysAdmin Delivered this to My Office After I Left to Take the Computer Science Final

I finished the exam early because on one of the questions where we were supposed to write a bunch of horrible code in a very small space, I did the kind and merciful thing and just vaguely described what I would do if I wrote code. In order for me to write mediocre code on the homework I first fill my white board several times over and cover sheets and sheets of paper with diagrams and whatnot before I write a single line of code. No one wants to read code I write on the fly. No one.

Oh, and look! My grant bought me a present! Soon I will have more databases than you can shake a stick at. I'll have my personal databases on my phone as well as my laptop, and now I'll also have fancy magical databases on my office computer. I'll be unsufferable in my OCD-fueled compulsion to organize everything and cross-reference it. I think that my next stop is the library so that I can learn about the Zen of good database design.