Friday, May 01, 2009

I Would Rather Think about Databases Than Grade Papers

  1. It was raining when I left home this morning, so I left my laptop (with my database) at home. The laptop doesn't go out in the rain if it doesn't have to. Sad, really, as I was all excited about adding another table to my database.

  2. Don't tell my students but instead of dealing with the very annoying clicker grade software, I am going to give them all full credit. I was thinking about it, and the information that the clicker software stores (device ID, response to questions, etc.) could be stored in a database. Core Data supports SQLite. I should be able to open its data file with any program that I want that reads SQLite and then slice and dice the data as I see fit.

  3. I am giving serious thought to buying a copy of FileMaker Pro.