Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Latest from Spring Grading

The grades have been transferred from the mutable part of the system and copied into the immutable part. They can no longer be accessed and changed by faculty using the web client, but they now appear via the quaint mainframe client of SAMS (the Suboptimal Academic Management System). (And I checked -- my incomplete is in SAMS, meaning that it can only be changed with signatures and press hard, you're making three copies.)

My most recent correspondent had an email conversation with his instructor that went something like this:

Student: Can you just drop me from the class instead of giving me the grade I earned?
Instructor: No.
Student: My advisor says you can.
Instructor: I don't know what you're talking about. I'm not changing anything.

The instructor forwards this long, long chain of emails to me.

Then the student emails me.

Student: My instructor wants to drop me from the class and says that you can do it. Can I be dropped?

Me: Go talk to the Office of Retention, Petitions, and Sob Stories. They're the ones who can help you.