Saturday, May 09, 2009

More Mysteries from Computer Science

Just think of all the desperate students in the math department who have been pleading, pleading for incompletes, and I have been telling them no. I have explained that if you have completed the work, you can not have an incomplete. I have carefully pointed out to them that we usually assume that students who have taken the final exam have completed the course.

I checked the online system today (the student end of it) to see if my grade from the CS class had been posted yet. Incomplete!

I took the midterm (got a 96). I took the final. There is a rule that we had to complete all assignments with a grade of 60 or better before the final. I turned in all eight lab assignments (receiving grades of 85, 97, 95, 65, 100, 80, 95, and 80) as well as both homework assignments (grades of 95 and 100). Seems pretty complete to me.

I haven't yet checked with anyone else in the class to see if they got incompletes instead of regular grades. My hunch is that he doesn't think he can get the grades done by the time they're due (the 12th). Did you know that changing an I to a regular grade requires the same exact form as changing a non-submitted grade to a regular grade? In either case, you need to fill in each student's name, ID number, the course and section number, and the reason for the change. And it needs to be signed -- not stamped -- by the department head.

And here I thought that the end of the semester would mark the end of the grading saga in CS.