Sunday, May 17, 2009


  1. Got my hair cut on Friday. I don't care what you think; I love my new haircut.

  2. Research-wise, I may be heading over to the dark side. I'm starting to think about a problem with practical applications. Over a field of characteristic 2, no less!

  3. The only thing that kept me from buying age-inappropriate clothing at Target is that they were out of stock in my size.

  4. Speaking of age-inappropriate, when companies advertize everything with 16-year-old models, I can't tell what I'm supposed to buy. Other age-confusion: on ANTM, Tyra makes a big deal about the image Cover Girl being very, very young. Yet, Queen Latifah appears in their campaigns, and she's older than I am. (And I'm older than Tyra.)

  5. I'm thinking of signing up for a local track club event. Don't go thinking that I've started running; there's no chance of that. However, they're finishing up the construction that has had the freeway closed for over a year, there is a competive run and a "fun walk" scheduled on the closed section the night before it opens. For the low, low price of $5, I can explore without trespassing. I suspect my fun walk will be more of a meander.

  6. I need to start making a list of things to buy and pack for MIT this summer. I need to be strategic about packing because I'm flying this year. Driving a car to and parking a car in Cambridge, MA was one of the stupidest things I did last year.