Tuesday, May 26, 2009


  1. Yesterday at the outlet mall, I bought plastic shoes. I am not proud to admit this. They were $20, and I'm hoping that they will be good for the summer. My summer job is hard on shoes, so I was in the market for cheap, disposable shoes.

  2. The shoes that I am wearing today are not going to Cambridge with me. Despite the fact that they appear to have a map of Massachusetts on the bottom of them. But it is a map of far, far, far western, MA. Like, west of Western MA. Highway 41 runs along the bottom of my shoe. My blister-causing shoe.

  3. Other shoe desisions for my summer job: Can I plan a wardrobe that will require me to only bring black dress shoes for our dress-up events? Or will I be forced to also bring brown dress shoes? Too bad I hate bone/beige/neutral shoes. Also too bad that I don't think I can pull off wearing sparkly silver shoes with everything (or red shoes with everything).

  4. It was either blog about shoes or else blog about conditional value lists and related tables in FileMaker.