Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Sorry, I Used Up All My Good Grades with My Other Class

You know, the other class where I had over 90% attendance at 9am and where the homework completion grade had a mean, median, and mode of 100% (yes, I dropped a few low scores and accepted a few late papers -- but really, they just did the work) and the class average was an A-? Yeah, that class. I haven't counted yet, but it is entirely possible that more As were earned in my 35-student class than in my 200-student class.

And so, calculus students who didn't come to class because the notes were online and where I had roughly 2/3 of the class there each lecture, you didn't do as well. Class average in the B-/C+ range. 73% of the students scored a C or better (which is to say, this class will count as a required course in a major), and 27% of the students scored lower than a C (or dropped with a W).

I told you that the "build a fence" problem would be on the final. The multiple choice questions were taken from my old exams that I post on Blackboard. The problem about Borat calculating the average population of Khazahkstan was also from the old exam on Blackboard. I asked you to take the derivative of e^{x^2} and then to integrate \int 2x e^{x^2} \:dx. You had to find the equation of a freakin' line, just like in every exam in this class all semester. Heck, remember that day a little over a week before the final, when I put the actual final exam itself on the document camera and briefly went through problem-by-problem mentioning what you needed to know?

Need a better grade? Take the class again, go to class, do the homework, and study. We've coached students with traumatic brain injuries to get passing grades in our intro-level math classes. If they can pass with a C or better, so can you.