Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Unlike most people, I can not buy glasses online. I can't buy glasses from mass-market retailers. I can't buy glasses at the normal eye doctor. No matter how cute or cheap you can find glasses, I can't shop there.

OK, that is not 100% true. All adult glasses are too big for me, and most kids glasses are too small for me. But most places do have one or two options in my size (120mm frames). It's not that easy to find "tween" sized frames.

It's not that big a deal for regular glasses, since I have contacts for when I need to be able to see, and I can get by pretty well when I don't really need to be able to see. Sure, I can't drive without my glasses, and I can't see the board in the front of a classroom, and I can't read the menu board in a fast food restaurant, but I don't really need a pair of regular glasses on a day-to-day basis. If I'm walking somewhere that I'm familar with or if someone else is driving, I sometimes go out with uncorrected vision. I sometimes go months without wearing my regular glasses (yes, they are children's sized).

Now, sunglasses, that's a problem. I must, must, must have sunglasses. I'm really sun-sensitive and glare sensitive. Bright lights and glare are on of my migraine triggers. I have been wearing some Hannah Montana sunglasses with fake rhinestones because that was the best that I could find.

Today I found a pediatric opthlamology practice with an attached optician's shop! I had my choice of several frames.

On Thursday I'll be able to pick up my new polarized sunglasses!