Thursday, May 28, 2009

Wasted Day

  1. This morning the world looked particularly non-blurry. Apparently I had slept with my contacts in.

  2. Was making minimal progress at work today, so I went home. And took a giant nap. With my contacts in (again). Threw out the pair of contacts and will not put in a new pair until tomorrow morning.

  3. Made handouts for my presentation at advising training tomorrow. Not optimistic. My slide show gets more and more alarming each year. Is there any data that attractive young white women who take math classes that they are not prepared for are likely to be victims of sensational crimes?

  4. Still asking favors of people in the science and technology fields in the greater Boston-Cambridge area. With minimal luck.

  5. Followed up by hand on a few situations. Did the students who begged and pleaded to get into math classes pass them this time? (Yes!) This would be so much easier with electronic access to the grades assigned in math classes.

  6. Thought about my database a bit but didn't really do much with it.

  7. Too rainy to put the new plants in the garden.