Friday, May 29, 2009

What!? What!?

So as part of the prep work for my summer job, I'm dealing with someone who works in an academic department in a university in the Cambridge/Boston area. (I'm not saying which department or which university!)

I get these emails that cause me to make incredulous looks at my computer screen. I'm wondering what sort of people could send these sorts of emails.

Today I got an email from a colleague from here at my regular job:
Did you get a note card from me (left in your mailbox) in early May asking if I could please borrow [mathematical stuff]? I am [involved with] a summer institute June 1-13, and your [mathematical stuff has] proven to be valuable for demonstration purposes during past institutes.

If you are in town, and it is possible to borrow them, here is an idea that spares you from making a trip to [the office]: Please consider calling the math department main office [number given], and ask [the receptionist] or [the accounting clerk] to send
one of their assistants (e.g. [the work-study student]) to open your office with the master key and obtain the [mathematical stuff].

If you are traveling now, don't worry about it.

Thanks for your kind consideration.

Because my first thought of how to communicate with people after the semester is over is to leave greeting cards in their mailboxes in the department? Lucky for him I'm in my office right now and will pile the stuff in his mailbox.

And I realize the answer to "What kind of people could send these sorts of emails" would be "academics."