Saturday, May 02, 2009

Yes, It Sounds Crazy of You to Ask

The latest email:
I am concerned about my final grade in the class. I had an A- before the final, but desperately need an A. I am a Pre-vet major and if I do not get the full 4 pts credited into my GPA then my chances of getting accepted into Vet school this fall will be lowered severely as this class counts toward my physical science GPA as well as overall. I studied diligently for two whole days for the final because it is so important that I get an A. The point of this email is that I am hoping that if I get an A- that I can just be given an A. I know that probably sounds crazy of me to ask, but I am extremely desperate and need that A more than anything. If I wasn't so close I would not ask, but I have put a lot of time and effort into this course and it is extremely important for my physical science GPA for vet school. Please!!...