Thursday, June 25, 2009

Arrivals and Departures (and Paperwork)

  1. Wednesday, arrived in the mail: Neat Receipts for Mac. A FedEx package from China. A DHL package from Bulgaria. Over $1000 worth of T-passes for July.

  2. This morning, looking in the mirror: The purple from my hair has faded badly. It hasn't even been two weeks yet! Must find time to walk over to Newberry Street and buy some dye. Planned ahead and packed tint brush.

  3. Yesterday had dinner with Dudley Herschbach.

  4. Today must go and walk paperwork around campus. Apparently I am having an Event. In MIT's technical jargon, all Events need copious amounts of paperwork. Ironically, the only reason I am having an Event is because I want to be sure that there are enough tables and chairs in part of a public building.

  5. Tonight I get to mingle with the important people who I've been begging for favors (or possibly their minions). Even though this is being catered, it is not an Event.