Friday, June 26, 2009

Friday Optimism

Most of the crises that seem to have come up last night should be under control. I hope. Someone I work with is young and doesn't come across in the best way over email, so as long as the recipient of the email understands that, everything should be OK. Just about every other problem has been solved by someone saying, "I'll put one of my grad students on that."

And I believe that my faux MIT card now will open the piano practice rooms on the fourth floor of the student center. And lucky for me, much of the music that I like to play was written so long ago that it is now in the public domain and I can download it as pdfs off the internet. I wonder how hard it is to turn pages on a Kindle DX, as that might be a neat way to keep a large score under control.

Off to do the budget, for the week, put in the order for more TechCash, and get breakfast. If I can remember the cluster combo, I may have to print some sheet music in W20-575. (Yes, I know I can log onto the QuickStation in the lobby and use tellme combo.)