Monday, June 29, 2009

More of My Life in Cambridge

  1. Really I have no idea what becomes of my time. I spend an awful lot of time doing bureaucratic things, like the budget spreadsheet.

  2. Spent a while over the weekend practicing piano. Haven't played in a long time (years), so at the beginning it was like sight reading when I was trying to play some of my favorite songs. (Yay for free pdf classical sheet music.) It's been so long that I couldn't identify the notes by name if I thought about them, but if I tried not to think, I knew where the note was. Also, I could only do the key signature right if I didn't think about it.

  3. Went to a talk the other day and had my vision altered by the McCollough Effect.

  4. Having dinner with another Nobel Laureate tonight (physiology or medicine). Next week is another Laureate (physics). Then I'll be done with Nobel Laureates for the summer.

  5. Trying to arrange stealth dinners with other cool people.

  6. Was at an event with these folks. It involved the national anthems of Saudi Arabia and Lebanon. Also had people from Bahrain, Turkey, Bulgaria, Sweden, China, Rwanda, Israel, Australia, Spain, and Greece.

  7. Considering the foreign nationals that I'm spending time with and that all the money for reimbursements is shuttled though a bank account in my name (and handled entirely in cash), I wouldn't be surprised if I ended up on some sort of watch list.

  8. Just learned moments ago that next week I will be hosting two visitors and shuttling them around to meetings.

  9. Still too rainy. This afternoon it looks like the sun is coming out.