Thursday, June 18, 2009

My Summer Job is Kicking My Ass

Um. Let's see. There was Tuesday when I spent the whole day packing and freaking out about my hair and packing some more and then mailing things to myself because I was afraid of $50 charges per overweight bag. And no I couldn't weigh the bags because that step where you weigh yourself and weigh yourself with the bag and then subtract would have been WAY too stressful because I haven't weighed myself in a while. I still can not decide whether I packed brilliantly or stupidly.

Wednesday I flew, dealt with the usual airline hijinks (fucking security found my bag suspicious as it contained an envelope stuffed with $500 in cash, all singles and fives, two cell phones, a bag of quarters, and a whole lot of chargers, adapters, transformers, and whatnot) including a minor baggage drama.

Today the nice people at the MIT card office gave me 107 proximity cards to get in the building without asking me to show ID. Sadly, the cards did not OPEN ANY FUCKING DOORS. So that took a while to fix.

Oh, and there's still an elephant in the room, metaphorically speaking.

The room I'm living in has perpetual twilight. Too dark when you want it light, too light when you want it dark. The building has mice. I saw a dead one in the hallway this morning.

Did not get to go to Salvation Army to buy any of the things I need (like a fucking lamp). Need crazy shit that probably can not be bought easily within walking distance of MIT. Do not know anyone competent enough to send on wild goose chase errands for crazy shit.

If you need me, I'll be talking incoherently to myself outside the Central Square T station. Oh, and my lead minion says hi.