Thursday, June 04, 2009

Nothing to Report

Mostly I spend my days (and evenings) sitting on my porch working on administrative crap for my summer job. With two wireless routers -- one on the front wall of the house and one on the back wall of the house -- my entire property is blanketed in Wifi.

Yesterday I took the afternoon off by going to the massage therapist and the hippie yoga place near my neighborhood. When I first met the massage therapist, I was skeptical. She looked like the most popular girl at a Phish concert (the type of girl who never needs to buy her own pot), and I was afraid that she'd try to balance my energy or somesuch. But she was really awesome.

Unfortunately, I came home to discover a moderate crisis that stressed me back out.

Fortunately, my fledgling database made it easier for me to regroup. Soon I'm hoping to put it up on a server and see if my coworkers will find my database to be at all useable.