Monday, June 15, 2009

Preparing to Leave on Wednesday

  1. Stuffing my wallet full of new and different cards. CharlieCard. ATM card for the bank I use in Cambridge. Card that has been known to open the gate of a parking lot at MIT (even though I'm not driving).

  2. Got my hair dyed today in preparation for being out of town for seven weeks. Might be too purple. Looks too purple in sunlight. Seems about right in artificial light. It's not that much more purple than usual, but the purple patches have migrated closer to the top/front, so it's more visibly purple. In retrospect perhaps not the best choice if I'm going to be having dinner with three Nobel Laureates this summer. Or maybe Nobel Laureates won't care that I have purple hair. Also have dinner scheduled with a big-deal Cambridge-based internet entrepreneur.

  3. Spent yesterday doing infinity laundry. I'm sure you didn't want to read laundry-blogging. Considered taking a photograph of my overstuffed closet. I own way too many clothes. Learned that when all my clothes are clean they do not all fit in my closet.

  4. Have not yet started ironing in preparation for packing. Or trying things on to see if they still fit from last summer. Have made a staging ground with an alarming volume of non-clothing items that need to be brought with me.

  5. My real job at the university has started sending me data that I need. No time to deal with it before I leave. It's in password-protected .xlsx files, so I need my office computer to read them. Probably could do it remotely, but it would be slow.

  6. Staff email me to ask questions about things that I wouldn't know about, so I send them to the people who would know. Staff do not email me about things that I do know about and then spend too much money on things they could have got a much better deal on.