Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Challenges of the Day

  1. My parents are coming to visit. They want to have lunch with me. In Cambridge, MA. They do not like food that is spicy. They do not like sushi. They do not try things they haven't had before (like Ethiopian). They want to be able to drive to and park at the restaurant. This is why God invented Legal Sea Foods and put a parking garage next to it.

  2. New colleague at the Home Office wants information today that is not due to be submitted by idiosyncratic self-identified genius-types until a week from today. New colleague seems unaware that idiosyncratic self-identified genius-types do not always submit requested information a week in advance. New colleague will probably be shocked to discover that idiosyncratic self-identified genius types will sometimes not submit requested information at all.

  3. My good marker is missing. The marker I'm using instead smells bad and is giving me a headache.

  4. Dr. Parmentola is sending a minion tomorrow. I am sending one of my minions to deal with his minion's minion.

  5. The clever inductive argument that I was working on still doesn't work. I need to decide whether to completely abandon it or to make one last chance to salvage it. On the plus side, I'm learning a little bit of Sage. Perhaps I will learn some Python.

  6. Probably "Let's learn some Python!" is not what my parents had in mind when they suggested that we could do something together this afternoon.