Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Conversation with Someone I'm Supposed to Work With

Her: I believe you said there was a list of [important stuff]. I thought you said you had sent it. If it is in Filemaker Pro, I will be able to read it at home.

Me: Here's a link you can use in your browser:
For using OPEN REMOTE, the server is
the file is [filename].fp7
Your username is: user
Your password is: pass

Her: Yahoo does not recognize the site you provided. Any advice?

Me: try doing it directly from FMP with "open remote"

Her: I am having no luck accessing it. Any other ideas?

Me: No idea. It works for everyone else.

Her (on the telephone): I'm still having trouble accessing [that information].

Me: It might depend what version of FileMaker Pro you're using.

Her: I don't have FileMaker Pro on this computer.