Wednesday, July 29, 2009


  1. Spending way too much time shopping online for boots that I will never buy.

  2. Syllabi for fall courses beckon.

  3. Making plans to attend an honesty council tribunal on August 18. My student apparently thinks that the jury will find the crazy explanation of how a lot of very wrong work led to the exact right answer to be plausible.

  4. If I can make it through a few more weeks without the large cracked filling doing anything stupid, I should be fine. I have a dentist appointment on August 18 for the first step in having it fixed. Yeah, that's going to be a great day.

  5. Sorry for the light blogging this summer -- so much of what goes on here is either unbloggable or else the same exact thing happening again and again.

  6. My sleep schedule is so fucked up. And will be for the next few days. My boss and the Big Boss will be in town tomorrow and Friday, and there is a whole string of dog-and-pony shows planned. Stop by Stata on Friday just before 2pm (32-123) if you want to mock me. If I choose unwisely, I should be wearing shoes so stupid that they will provide extra opportunities for mocking as I will have to walk to E52 around 5:30pm and then back to W79 later in the evening.