Friday, July 17, 2009

New Adventures in AppleCare

So, as I expected, my AirPort card is toast.

When I first got to the Genius Bar and said that my AirPort wasn't working, I'm sure that the friendly, helpful Genius assumed that it was a user error with software and/or settings. Something of the "I can't get it to connect to the network" variety. But I quickly brought up what I'd seen in the system log, and he took my concerns seriously.

He opened up the Console, saw many more entries like those quoted in the previous post about lack of power to the card. Pretty much agreed with my assessment of the situation. Just in case it was a corrupted driver he started my computer up using the Genius Bar's special start-up drive. Same problem.

And then the rest of my time there was learning who to call at AppleCare and how to navigate the phone system so that my AppleCare case number, my serial number, my old computer's serial number, my AppleCare order number, and my AppleCare registration number could all be unified in one place because the system showed that my computer is not covered by AppleCare even though I bought $272.03 worth of AppleCare on January 2, 2009.

The folks at AppleCare are now planning on sending me a "certificate of coverage." I'll bring that with me when I go to the Apple Store at home to check in my computer for her 5-7 day inpatient stay to get a new AirPort card.