Friday, July 03, 2009

The Sun Came Out!

Around the middle of the day today, I saw a glowing orb in the sky! Light shined down on Cambridge, MA! I went for a walk and did not get rained on!

Still didn't get very much work done for my regular job (nor did I make much progress with research).

Held a staff meeting in which we discussed the upcoming visits of scary strangers, and I promised that everyone would need to take a turn with the scary strangers. Also discussed problems that have no solution.

And then 40 people decided that it would be a good idea for them to decend, locust-like, upon the same restaurant for dinner -- including getting all of the out-of-town folks to figure out how to take the 1 bus to Harvard. As I hate large groups (and was in fear of several international folks needing change for a $100 to have $1.50 for the bus), I stayed here and had a peanut butter sandwich.

Not sure what I'm going to do tonight. I have the rest of the leftover bourbon that was left with me last week but no one to drink any of it with. Possibly I'll go to bed early and catch up on my sleep. And tomorrow I will have the place to myself in peace and quiet, as everyone else is going to head out to the Esplanade at stupid-early in the morning and will stay there (guarding the space) through the fireworks. In the past few years I've come around to the way of thinking of one of my friends from grad school. He said that he was opposed to all holidays, and now I agree with him.

If it rains again tomorrow, I'll know that I've made the right choice by staying here.