Friday, July 17, 2009

Technical Difficulties

I believe that this explains why my wifi refuses to turn on. (In my menu bar I get the "airport off" icon and nothing changes when I try to turn it to airport on.)

In bonus fun, my AppleCare status is questionable, as I renewed it in a panic over the phone the day before my initial year of warranty ran out. I called The Topologist and had him ransack my desk to find the case number that the AppleCare rep gave me on the phone when I renewed AppleCare.

I suspect that this means that my laptop will be going in-patient for a few days. I wonder how much of my job I can do from my phone and an Athena workstation.

Update: A few more reboots fixed the problem. Last night four reboots and resetting the SMC didn't help. Clearly the elves that run my computer are either angry or bored. (That was one of the things I learned about in computer science class: the mischievous computer elves that allow you to believe one thing about your computer when something totally different is happening. I also learned to do things like grep -i "power" /var/log/system.log | grep airport which finds all places in the system log where the Airport card has no power.)

Update 2: Broken again. Grrr. Re-made the appointment.