Friday, July 10, 2009

Things That I Realized Today

  1. I forgot to reserve a room in the Student Center for the dinner with Pardis Sabeti tonight. I suppose this means that I will have to assign some minions to push tables together near the Dunkin' Donuts or maybe it will be nice enough out to eat outside. One of my minions will be upset with me.

  2. Option-F1 (and -F2) will open the displays control panel. Option-F3 (and -F4) will open the expose/spaces control panel. Option-F11 (and -F12) will open the sound control panel.

  3. One of my difficult-to-find minions who has been slacking at his job with me has another full-time job.

  4. Some grad students have no sense of what's in their best interests. One of the grad students who I'll be supervising in the fall has included on his draft syllabus for the lowest level math class that counts towards fulfilling the math requirement a 4500-word paper.

  5. My time in Cambridge is nearly half over. Still have not ventured out for dim sum.