Tuesday, July 28, 2009

This is What Leadership is About

  1. Someone needed chalk. No one knew where there was any chalk. I walked over to the math building (or as they say around here, "2") to get some chalk. If you're looking for chalk, math has chalk.

  2. Made sure that rooms were unlocked.

  3. Took a phone call from an unfamiliar number. Normally if you are not in my address book, I will let you leave voicemail. But since I am in charge, I answered the phone. It was the credit card people telling me that I should have sent them $70 18 days ago. You really put someone in charge of calling me about $70 that was due 18 days ago? When I get around to it, I'll send you the $70 bucks. You've already charged me and fee and interest. There isn't much incentive for me to handle this in the next week.

  4. Need to acquire cardboard box and assorted other items that minion was supposed to acquire but I don't believe he will. This is the same minion who has moved from passive-aggressive (not doing work that he doesn't like to do) to aggressive-aggressive (shoving me).

  5. Putting every file that I might possibly need today on my Athena account so that I can access them when I need them. Under normal circumstances I'd just carry my laptop around, but since the wireless card isn't working, that isn't the best option. Sort of wishing that I hadn't bought AppleCare on the laptop back in January, as I am sort of wishing for a MacBook Air.

  6. Planning on printing the files in W20-575 and then tricking one of the compliant minions into making copies over at the CopyTech in Building 11. The trouble I have with delegating is that I can never trust that people will actually get things done.

  7. Saying no to a lot of people, even if they whine.