Thursday, July 09, 2009

Today I Didn't Do Any of My Jobs All Afternoon

I think that this morning is when the last guest left. Since my job is week-round, I have trouble keeping track of what day it is. Also when I nap during the day, it gets harder to measure the passing of time based on sleep. I think that I dealt with checking the guest out and turning in the key.

This morning me and a coworker went to MGH to spring the guy who'd been in the hospital since Tuesday night. Since he started out in the ER, he didn't officially check in to the hospital until Wednesday morning. All of the tests for alarming things turned out negative.

And then my co-conspirator woke up. And we spent the rest of the day trekking all over Boston and eating food and exploring. We had lunch at Mary's and dinner at Steve's. Ended up taking the red to the orange to the blue to see how to lead a group to the harbor. Walked back to MIT via the Longfellow bridge. Pretty much spent the whole day eating and trekking.