Sunday, August 09, 2009

Calculus Again Invades My Life

  1. One of my TAs got a real job in Atlanta. It's entirely possible that all my TAs for the fall might be first-year TAs. Please, please, please don't let them all be first-year TAs who are unfamiliar with the norms at non-elite US universities.

  2. Just declined the opportunity to meet one of my calculus students. I am unshowered and in my pajamas. My student biked over here to bike to Buddhist practice with The Topologist.

  3. Received yet another email from the parent who keeps emailing me. I'm making it a rule to not respond too quickly to the parent. Parent works on campus. Parent could go to the campus bookstore and see whether I'm requiring anything beyond the departmentally-required book that is being used in all sections of the course and the departmentally-required web homework package that is being used in all sections of the course. Student could ask, too.