Thursday, August 20, 2009

Day 2

  1. Updated one of my databases.

  2. Argued with students about the rules. I'm sorry that you never read the catalog and that your advisor never read the catalog. Your advisor doesn't get to grant you permission to take calculus without first having taken algebra.

  3. Went to the statistics class that I'm taking. The room was double-booked, so we had to move to another room.

  4. Got a facebook friend request from some guy who I don't know. Apparently he is enrolled in the Calculus Circus. As I have my profile already set very public, I'm likely to just click accept. Heck, all my contact information on facebook is my work phone number, work address, etc. Go ahead, be my imaginary friend.

  5. Really, really, really need to make a new list of things to do. Keep forgetting that time is passing and that class that "doesn't meet until Tuesday" will need to be planned at some point.

  6. Been having an unproductive email conversation with one of the few people I know in town. I am so bad at making friends. He doesn't want to be "just friends." Hence, we are at an impasse. I've stopped writing back because it's just too depressing.

  7. How bad does my lawn look? So bad that some random dude with a weed-whacker just knocked on my door to see if I would pay him a few bucks to deal with the most egregious parts. Actually shocked that no one has yet called the city on me. (The city ordinance says grass can not be more than 12" tall. Mine is.) Really need some sort of camera set-up so that I can see who is at the door without having to get up from the computer. Everyone who knocks on my door is either a transient or a missionary, it seems.