Monday, August 31, 2009

My Life with Add-Drop

Add-drop ended on Friday. By Friday evening, you should have finalized your schedule.

Classes started 10 days before the end of add-drop. If you added a course on the last day of add-drop, you missed almost two weeks of class.

If someone adds a class on the last day of add-drop, what is the student's responsibility in terms of the material that happened before the student added the course? I have a student who seems to believe that she shouldn't need to know anything that happened before she added the class. I have another student who believes that I should spend several hours getting him up to speed on the material that was covered before he added the class.

Also I've been checking the online system to find out when the students have added my class. One of my late-adders really only should have missed one lecture worth of content (but chose not to attend class in the afternoon when he added my class in the morning). If you can't fill in one lecture worth of content on your own, then you need to rethink the wisdom of adding a math class after the semester has started.