Monday, August 31, 2009

My Life with Snow Leopard, 24 Hours Later

  • AirTunes: Temporarily broken, but fixed itself via a bunch of turing things off and back on.

  • Printers: Still print.

  • SMART Sympodium: Drivers still work. Mysterious SMART windows still pop up in MS products and will not stay quit until I kill the process. (This is no change from Leopard, no change from Tiger.)

  • Wacom Tablet: No longer broken. Can Once again use handwriting recognition.

  • sshfs: Broken. Updated MacFuse and installed MacFusion and followed internet instructions to resume happily connecting to other volumes over the Internet.

  • Image Capture. RIP. Functionality now part of Preview.

  • Quick Look of Keynote documents: Now more annoying to navigate through slide shows.

  • Speed and reliability of OS, free space on hard drive: Notice no real change.