Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Shifting Gears

Got home last night. Well, actually early this morning. There was the usual type of airline snafu that caused my flight to be delayed for an amount of time that kept fluxuating based on the whims of the airline employees. See, there was this plane in Philadelphia that was having mechanical problems and then there was this other plane that was in Charlotte but didn't have any mechanical problems. However, I was in neither Philadelphia nor Charlotte, and at least one of these planes needed to be where I was (Washington National), and then needed to take people to here. So there was a delay as we waited for the airplane. I also learned that one of the US Airways Express affiliates uses the flight number PSA 9340 to ferry aircraft.

Today I did not take care of any of the banking that I was supposed to do. I did not start laundering until late in the day. I didn't mail anything to the Home Office. I didn't do any of the editing that I'm supposed to do. The most "unpacking" I did was to make a pile of laundry. And I did make a half-hearted attempt to make a list of things to do. And I belatedly tried to reserve a room for meetings that I'm supposed to have in under two weeks and that I really should have planned by now. I emailed one of my summer coworkers to get the notes from the last meeting (which I should have taken but I didn't), but he hasn't gotten back to me. I haven't emailed everyone else from the summer who I was supposed to follow-up with.

Tomorrow I have a doctor's appointment and an appointment to drop my computer off at the Apple Store. However, the computer is working once again, which is kind of annoying. Unreliable hardware is much worse than broken hardware under warranty. Especially since when I got home I found my AppleCare certificate of coverage. Thursday I have a meeting about one of my student's alleged academic integrity -- or lack thereof. Friday I finally, finally, finally have an appointment to deal with my fading hair. I have lost track of how many colors my hair is. Fortunately, I don't have the rainbow effect that I had back in January (faded out blue and purple led to a orange-green-blue-purple stripe effect), but brown, another brown, grey, purple, and orange isn't my first choice either. And at some point I really, really, really need to go to the jeweler to have the straps changed on my watches. (The stainless steel one I tried to do myself, but the screws were too tight, and I'm unwilling to try to deal with screws on my gold watch.)

I looked through the pile of mail and decided to throw it all out. If it's something important (like if I owe someone money -- CapitalOne, I'm talking about you), they'll probably ask me again. If I can manage to do banking and mail tomorrow around Apple and the doctor, then I think that I will have slain most of the duties for my summer job just in time to meet the crush of the beginning of the fall semester.

The one saving grace of the beginning of the semester? I don't teach on Thursdays or Fridays. Sure, I had to take a pay cut to accomplish that, but I think it will be so worth it.