Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Tales from Prerequisites

  1. Me: You need to be at level 4 to take calculus, and you are at level 2. You need to take algebra.
    Stu: My counselor told me to take this class.
    Me: Your counselor was mistaken. You need to take algebra.
    Stu: Why are you telling me this a week before school starts!?
    Me: Because a lot of students took algebra over the summer, so we were waiting for summer term to be over.

  2. Me: You need to take the placement exam or have credit for algebra before you take calculus.
    Stu: I'm from China.
    Me: You still need to take the placement exam.
    (Stu's ID number is in the range for "US transfer student" not the range for "international student.")

  3. Me: You've already taken a higher level calculus class. You can't also get credit for this one.
    Stu: The business college requires this calculus class.
    Me: Explain to them that you've already taken a higher calculus class. When they won't listen to you, tell them to talk to me.