Friday, August 21, 2009

Things of Varying Degrees of Connections to My Job

  1. Dealt with more placement. Got an email from Zhang Li student ID number 222222 in the College of Business claiming to have taken the placement exam on August 18. Our records show that Zhong Lee student ID number 444444 in the College of Agriculture took the placement exam on August 18.

  2. Sent an email that read in part:
    As of the morning of Friday, August 21 we have not yet been able to verify your eligibility for your math class. Please read the rest of this email carefully.… If you have received credit for College Algebra or higher at any college or university, please make a print-out showing that credit. The registrar's office has not given us updated information about course credits, so please bring a print-out to your math class showing that you have credit for College Algebra or higher. Give this to your math teacher.
    Stu responds, "Where do we bring the information?"

  3. Behold, my grass.

  4. Feeling a bit self-conscious about the grass since one of the grad students in my department walks his dog by my house. Another grad student (my ex-TA) lives a few blocks away.

  5. Tonight I was out on my walk, walking down the street where my ex-TA now lives, and who do I see but an ex-calculus student from several years ago. How many years ago? So long ago that this was back when I was still teaching engineering calculus. If he hasn't graduated by now, then he's at least a senior. He said hi. I remembered his name! Smart guy who would have gotten much better grades if he'd put in just a little bit of work. Easily one of the smartest students in the class (it was Calc 1 in the spring).

  6. Still haven't done much planning for the class that doesn't meet until Tuesday. I have a syllabus, but as most of you know that is pretty meaningless. I'm thinking that my gimic for this class is to use the "roles" setting within Blackboard and give every student in the class maximal access to the Blackboard site.