Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Today's Adventures

  1. Had a small chunk of my neck/shoulder area removed and sent to the pathologist. It looked an awful lot like basal cell carcinoma.

  2. Dropped my laptop off at the Apple Store. It won't be back for a week.

  3. While at the mall shopped a bit. Bought a sweater that I probably don't need. Considered buying a pair of pants. Could not decide if they fit or not. I've been wearing a lot of billowing elastic waist skirts lately, so I'm not calibrated to what fits and what is too tight. Wished I had a fashion-conscious guy with me to steer me in the right direction about the pants. Need a slip but couldn't muster the will to enter a department store.

  4. Went to the office. (Here now, in fact.) Dropping off some stuff and picking up some books. Listened to seven weeks' worth of voicemail.

  5. Bag is full of work. Work that I haven't worked on yet this wek. Not sure where the day went.