Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Welcome Aboard

Good morning, and welcome aboard Flagship State Math 106 to College Algebra with continuing service to Trigonometry. We're glad to have you with us today. We do have a full class today, so please stow your belongings underneath the seat in front of you and not just in the overhead bins.

As we are overbooked for Algebra this morning, we are asking for volunteers to give up their seats in this class. We can get you in an algebra class for the spring semester, including an upgrade to 11am Tuesday-Thursday as well as a voucher for a free textbook at the bookstore. This voucher can be used on any textbook within the next calendar year.

Please take your seats so that we can start class on time. At this time, regulations require that all portable electronic devices must be turned off and stowed. Please take your syllabus out of the seat back pocket in front of you and turn your attention to the front of the classroom for important information.