Monday, September 28, 2009

I Can Teach Calculus to These Students

My grading system is not particularly complicated, but it is too complicated for Blackboard to handle. I give 15 quizzes, and the best 10 count. (There are no make-up quizzes for ANY reason.) The quiz average is 10% of your grade. And then there is the WebAssign. The WebAssign average counts for 10% of your grade. Now, if your WebAssign average is higher than your quiz average, I'll count the WebAssign for 20% and not count the quizzes at all. (Go ahead, complain to the Dean about my no make-up quiz policy.) And then there are four regular exams at 15% each and a final worth 20% of the grade.

Last week I made a little Excel spreadsheet and emailed it out to the whole class. If you put in your grades from the quizzes and exams and such, it will calculate your grade in my class -- both as a percentage and as a letter grade. Maybe you want to know what would happen if you got 100% on the next exam? Well, just put that in the box for exam 2 and see what pops out. At the end of the semester you want to know what you need on the final to get the grade you want? Just try a bunch of different scores in the "final exam" cell in the spreadsheet.

Today I got an email back from one of my students in response to this spreadsheet. Can I help her calculate her grade in her chemistry class?