Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Service Interruptions

The best thing that has happened to me since Friday is this morning around 8am when the receptionist at my doctor's office was able to squeeze me into a 10:30am appointment.

At around 7:30pm I will see if things at the pharmacy are still as grim as the rest of my weekend.

Scene: Pharmacy, around 6pm.

Me: I'm here to pick up my prescription. Hirta. H-I-R-T-A.
Pharmacy tech: *click* *click* *click* That's a compounding prescription. It will be about an hour.
Me: I dropped the prescription off before noon, and she told me it would be about 45 minutes.
Tech: They haven't gotten to it yet. Do you want to talk to the pharmacist?
Me: Yes.
Pharmacist: That's a compounding prescription. I'd need to take someone off of what they're doing and put them on it. We're real backed up here. It would take an hour and a half. Is that what you want me to do?
Me: Yes.
Pharmacist: Do you really need it tonight? I'd have to take someone off what they're doing so that they could make up your prescription.
Me: Yes, I really do need it. I'll be back to pick it up tonight.

What are the odds that my compounded prescription will not be covered by insurance? And if it's not covered by insurance how much will The Topologist laugh at me for my anti-health-insurance libertarian leanings?