Thursday, September 17, 2009

Thursday Omens

  1. Tried on sweater and then rejected it. Realized later that it left me covered with a haze of grey lint.

  2. Wrote checks to pay over $9000 worth of bills. Left the stamped envelopes on a table in my livingroom. (In case you are wondering: $6k to the IRS*, roughly $2k for my gold teeth, and the remaining $1k on everything else.)

  3. After I finished grading my share of the calculus exams, I bought a Rice Krispy Treat from the departmental snack concession. Some guy I don't know was giving me a hard time for not eating healthily.**

*Yes, that was supposed to be sent by the 15th. But I didn't pay any estimated in April or June, so it's already a mess.

**This on top of last week one of my colleagues poking my belly and asking me if I'm pregnant! So I already feel like I really need to get serious about not eating snacks and getting to the gym more often!