Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Today's Request

At the end of class, as the next class is streaming into the lecture hall, a calculus student comes up to ask me a question.

She has biology class at the same time as calculus recitation. Can she move into a different recitation section?

Recall: The first day of classes was Wednesday, August 19 and the last day to change your schedule was Friday, August 28.

She wasn't all that happy that I refused to have a discussion about this as I was packing up my laptop and getting out of the way of the instructor for the next class. I'm thinking that whoever put an override in the system allowing her to be signed up for two classes that meet at the same time is the one who should be solving this problem. If I'd know about this situation last week, I could have helped her to find one of the dozens of open sections of calculus that didn't conflict with biology.