Thursday, September 17, 2009

Today's Visit from the Book Rep

Book rep came by today because he smelled blood. The textbook for one of our 1500-students-per-year class is going into a new edition, and he's hoping that he can get us to change texts. I'm already prejudiced against any books from his publisher because:
  1. He made a "helpful" chart showing how topics from the current syllabus map to topics in the books he's pushing. For example, the current syllabus covers "Euler characteristic, proof that there are only five Platonic Solids." His chart says that the equivalent material in the book he's pushing is "The Geometry of Fractal Shapes." Bzzzt. We teach about the "Art Gallery Theorem." He suggests "Perimeter, Area, and Circumference." Thanks for playing.
  2. He trashes the book we're using, while simultaneously making negative suggestions about our students and instructors. He says that you can't really use the current book unless you have really good students and instructors.
  3. Everything he sends me has my name HORRIBLY MIS-SPELLED.
I should see if the "good rep" has any books in this category.