Tuesday, September 01, 2009

When Strangers Talk to Me

Since I've last discussed my headwear, I have acquired a new hat. Black and with a very wide brim. Very dramatic. And only $10. Keeps more sun off me than my old hat. (Sadly, as I have a small head, the hat was too big and kept trying to escape with the wind. Fortunately, I own a grommet kit, so I was able to take the leather band from my old hat and use it with the new hat. If you don't look too closely, it doesn't look like I did it myself.)

Not only am I wearing a very dramatic hat today, but I am also wearing a fair amount of black (including pointy-toed patent leather pumps with 3.5" heels) and brighter-than-usual lipstick.

As I'm walking back from class, some guy says, "I like your style." Guy strikes up a conversation with me as his buddy is kind of laughing at him. He wants to know where I'm from, since people don't dress like this around here. I tell him "New York" and let him assume the city and not the state. (Because I'm not sure that anyone thinks of Schenectady as a fashion capital.) He tells me that he is from Georgia. He explicitly tells me that he means the country and not the state, even though I would have assumed the country based on his accent. He is surprised that I know where Georgia (the country) is and even more surprised that I knew that there was a conflict with Russia about a year ago.

He asks me where my office is and suggests that he might stop by. I tell him the room number on the theory that he will not be able to find it since this building is a maze. Plus now that The Chemist has graduated (and I no longer teach next door to the classroom where The Chemist led a discussion section), a vacuum has been created in the realm of strange foreign guys who randomly strike up conversations with me.