Thursday, September 03, 2009

You Can Ask. I'll Say No.

  1. Stu was disappointed with his grade in math last term. Stu feels that he would have done better if the teacher had told him what problems were going to be on the exam. Stu appealed his grade on these grounds. Unfortunately, this is not one of the university's four allowable reasons for a grade appeal.

  2. Stu claims to be a transfer student who has never taken the placement exam. Stu reports having taken Intermediate Algebra upon first coming to this university. Stu also reports that he has been told that College Algebra is the same as Intermediate Algebra, so he shouldn't need to take College Algebra before moving on to calculus. Stu is currently enrolled in College Algebra and doesn't want to take it. Is there an exam that Stu can take to get out of College Algbra. Yes, in fact, there are two. There is the CLEP test. And, if Stu really hasn't ever taken the placement exam, there is the placement exam. The placement exam will be offered later this fall (for spring transfer orientation). Stu wants to take an exam now. Doesn't work that way.

  3. Stu has been enrolled in a particular calculus section since the end of April. Today, nearly a week after the already generous deadline for schedule changes, Stu emails me asking to switch sections because he wants to be in Professor X's class because he had Professor X in the spring. I explain to Stu that this is impossible. Professor X then emails me asking me to make the change because it is "important." If it were really this important, shouldn't someone have done something before the deadline?